Where To Walk in Portsmouth


If you need to get from A to B, walking in Portsmouth is a smart choice. The city is compact, so it’s not far to walk between the main shopping areas, the seafront and leisure facilities. There are no timetables to keep to, no journey delays, and no overcrowding, and it’s healthy, green, free, direct, and you get fresh air and sunshine en route.

Why not try a Portsmouth Healthy Walk? Portsmouth Healthy Walks have 13 walks led by qualified volunteer walk leaders, who have undergone the national Walking for Health training. These walks are a mixture of city and country walks and are a great way to improve fitness as well as make new friends. Find out more on the Walking for Health website

For more information on walks around Portsmouth please visit the Portsmouth City Council website

How about creating your own walk?  You can also discover, create and share your own walks with Go Jauntly.