Give your views on air quality and travel in Portsmouth

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In March, Portsmouth City Council was awarded £450,000 from the government's £260million Clean Air Fund to deliver a series of sustainable travel initiatives and awareness-raising campaigns to improve air quality across the city, and in particular in the city's five remaining Air Quality Management Areas. In support of this work the council has launched two surveys: Portsmouth Travel Survey and Portsmouth Air Quality Survey.

Portsmouth Travel Survey

The Portsmouth Travel survey will help the council understand people's travel behaviours and their openness to change. The council want to understand how and why people are travelling through certain areas of Portsmouth, in particular the Air Quality Management Areas in Portsmouth and whether they would consider any other mode of travel.  You can take the survey here

Portsmouth Air Quality Survey

This survey will help the council understand what people already know about pollution, so that they can plan activities and messages to help inform others around the issues of pollution. You can take the air quality survey here

Both surveys close on Friday 21 September. Participants, who choose to do so, will be entered into a draw to win one of two fitbit activity watches.