Had a near miss while out on your bike?

Do you cycle in Portsmouth?  Portsmouth City Council road safety team has launched a near miss reporting system for cyclists in Portsmouth to report a near miss incident.

The web-based system was created for cyclists who experience a near miss while cycling on Portsmouth's roads. The aim is to use information provided by cyclists to inform future road improvements.

The system, which went live at the beginning of March and will be trialled for six months, will gather important data about the road network and the behaviours of road users across the city. Reviewed regularly by the road safety team, the information gathered will support existing collision data and will be used to inform local transport plans and cycle infrastructure schemes.

Examples of a near miss include other road users passing too close, or a vehicle pulling in or out across a cyclist’s path.  However, people's opinions on what qualifies as a near miss may differ depending on their experience and level of confidence as a cyclist, so we encourage all types of near miss to be reported.

Incidents resulting in a collision or which require police investigation should always be reported to Hampshire Police.

To report a near miss visit the council's website