Stagecoach Portsmouth

Routes and timetables

See the Stagecoach website for timetables for all their routes in and around Portsmouth as well as the Stagecoach journey planner. You can also download the Stagecoach Bus App to track your bus on-the-go.

Ticket options

Ticket options are available for day travel as well as weekly and longer periods. See the Stagecoach website for details including:


Megarider provides unlimited travel within your chosen zone (or zones). You can also choose how long you need it for.


Dayrider provides unlimited travel on Stagecoach buses within your chosen ticket zone (or zones) for one day.

Student bus pass

Students can travel for less with Stagecoach's student bus passes and tickets for your chosen zone (or zones). You will need a current student photo ID card to buy these tickets.

Stagecoach tickets can be purchased but the Stagecoach app or StagecoachSmart electronic card.

Solent Go

The Solent Go travelcard allows travel in the South Hampshire area on any of the following travel operators: Bluestar, Unilink, Salisbury Reds, First, Stagecoach, Wheelers and Xelabus.