Welcome to My Journey - your one stop destination for travel information and advice in and around the Portsmouth area.

Welcome to My Journey - your one stop destination for travel information and advice in and around the Hampshire area. Whether you’re looking for information about local cycle routes to work, walking maps or links to public transport you can access it all here from our website.

We offer advice about travel choices in your area that may result in saving you time and money. You may also benefit from improved wellbeing and reduce your carbon output at the same time. As well as providing personalised travel plans for local residents, we also work with schools, colleges and work places to deliver fun, community based travel challenges.

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Have you thought about cycling for at least some of your regular, short journeys? Or for part of a longer journey? Do you have a bike sitting at home...
All across Hampshire there are a number of fantastic social walks that happen weekly, and there is always opportunities to start up more. In addition...
Times have changed and a wealth of technical upgrades mean that buses are now easier and more convenient than you might think. Find out more below...
Public transport is an energy efficient way of making journeys that cannot be walked or cycled, and a train full of passengers significantly reduces...
Most of us would say we spend too much on fuel. And, since prices at the pumps tend to go up, the only way to spend less on filling up the car is to...
Passenger ferries form vital links in Hampshire’s public transport system, often allowing people to avoid the need for much longer trips. There are a...

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Win a bike: image of bike in foliage

Pledge to try a different way of travelling into the city and you could win a bike!

1. Use the Journey Planner on the Home tab at the top of this page to plan your journey and see the different ways you could travel.

Bikes in Old Portsmouth

Air quality funding will make a breeze of walking or cycling for city employees

Portsmouth businesses are invited to apply for funding to help encourage walking and cycling in the city.